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A treatment at the Gastein Healing Gallery

Boost your well-being factor

We recommend that every guest staying at our smartFLATS apartments pays a visit to the Gastein Healing Gallery. Discover the healing effect of these unique caves in Gasteinertal for yourself. Enhance your well-being.

The Healing Gallery treatment has been proven to alleviate pain and improve health. The Gastein treatment combines radon, heat and humidity, providing an effective cure for a variety of illnesses.

During the holiday seasons, taster days are available on Tuesdays & Thursdays - a 2½ hour session is available to try. One benefit for guests with specific conditions - your medical insurance company will cover the costs.

Our apartements in Dorfgastein are just 20 kilometres from the Gastein Healing Gallery and are ideally accessible by car, bus or taxi.  

Additional pampering is provided with our wellness range and beauty treatments - pure relaxation.